About Cracking the Walnut

Hi! I’m Alanna. I’ve spent the last decade writing a series of young adult thrillers, but now I’m turning my focus to nonfiction. I went on quite the inner journey as I was writing and publishing my books, and I have a lot to say about that! See my intro post for a bit more background.

I expect that this newsletter will evolve over time, but I plan to cover topics such as…

  • Reflections on writing and publishing

  • Overcoming (or, at least, managing) the fear of being seen

  • Dealing with perfectionism, depression, and anxiety

  • Incorporating enchantment and wonder into everyday life

  • Food, probably (it always comes back to food with me)

Cracking the Walnut is sent weekly on Saturday mornings (Pacific time). The majority of posts are free. However, I do offer a paid subscription for those who would like to support my work monetarily. Occasionally, I may also put posts behind the paywall that I am not ready to share publicly.

Thanks for being here! I look forward to having you along for the ride on this new journey of mine.

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Breaking open tough shells to get at the sweet stuff inside. Musings on writing, publishing, mental health & more.


Alanna Peterson

Author of the Call of the Crow Quartet, a series of young adult eco-thrillers inspired by food justice movements.