resonate with this so deeply, thank you for sharing <3

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Yep, this is where I am. Full of mental clutter and surrounded by physical clutter that all result from a hot busy summer.

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Aug 20, 2023Liked by Alanna Peterson

I feel this, I’m right there with you. In the past I’ve held the belief that I am not a creative, imaginative or playful person. Over these last few years I’ve learned that actually all my resources had been going to flight/flight/freeze, hyper vigilance and searching for safety... instead of play, imagination and joy. So I’ve always held the capacity for imagination and creativity but my pathway was always rerouted (because it didn’t feel safe). Somewhere I read that “play is mobilization without fear.” That sentence blew my mind open. My brain and body didn’t know how to move without fear...! But it was something I could learn (and unlearn) to do. And that is part of my life’s journey, is forever rewiring and rerouting this connection back to play and joy.

(For plantar fasciitis I do a lot of stretching, massage and I wear inserts in my shoes 😁)

Lots of love to you star blossom sister! 🌸✨💗

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